5 Blogs you should be Reading as a Freelancer

While you are planning to start your career as a freelancer, you would get lots of questions on your mind. It’s natural as you are not managed by anyone else than yourself in freelancing. If you are already a freelancer, you would be aware of the fundamental things but might not know how to cope up the competition and succeed in this. Some other freelancers might be struggling to increase their rates. To tackle all these problems, you are advised to regularly read some blogs which are particularly designed for freelancers to help them with their career. Reading such blogs will be the primary educational resource for you in your freelance career.

So, which blogs are the best? With lots and lots of contents available over the internet today, it would be difficult for you to choose the best ones to follow. I will help you in this regard by showing you the 5 blogs that are to be read by you as a freelancer. Continue reading to know them here…

  1. Freelancers Union:

This is designed to educate the freelancers about working independently and they do this through various political actions and research along with the thought leadership. The primary aim of the Freelancers Union blog is to make sure that the freelancers are receiving their rights, securities, and benefits. Here, you can be an active player of leading community initiatives and advocacy campaigns as well.

Reading Suggestions:

  1. Creative Freelancer Blog:

This blog which was co-produced by Ilise Benun is aiming to tackle all the freelance problems. Here, you can read blog posts from the prominent experts in the freelancing field which would be helpful to you in every way possible. Here, you can read blog posts on almost all the freelance fields like networking, designing, graphics, and so on.

Reading Suggestions:

  1. Opportunities Planet:

This is a multi-author blog that was founded by +Kostas Chiotis and is designed to help the freelancers to develop a successful freelancing business. This again is giving a lot of useful information in many different fields like social media marketing, blogging, and search engine optimization.

Reading Suggestions:

  1. Dr.Freelance:

Dr. Freelance is a blog which helps the freelancers understand what actually is a freelancing business. This was founded by Jake Poinier who is a writer, an editor, and a consultant. It deals with all the essentials of starting your freelance career in micro job websites like Scrawll through their blog posts on the portfolio buildup and like.

Reading Suggestions:

  1. Freelance Confidence:

This is a blog where you can find several resources for starting and improving your freelance business. Here, you can make use of some training courses especially to improve your freelance writing skills and kick off your writing career from there.

Reading Suggestions:

Thus, although you work alone as a freelancer, you are not alone in the community of freelancers in these freelance blogs. There are experts, fellow freelancers, and consultants to help you out at any time. Keep checking these blogs regularly and keep yourself updated!