Service are services offered by Freelancer, which are transacted via Scrawll platform.

Freelancers are users who offer and deliver services on the Scrawll platform.

Buyers are users who purchase services from the Freelancers via the Scrawll Platform.

Job Page is where the Freelancer can describe their Service offering and the terms thereof, and the buyer can purchase the Service, which creates an Order.

Order is the agreement between a Buyer and Freelancer once a purchase is made from the Freelancer’s Job page.

Orders Page is where Buyers and Freelancers can manage their Orders, change status and communicate with each other on Orders purchased.

Disputes are disagreements experienced during processing of order between a Buyer and Freelancer.

Payments Page is the page where Freelancers can view and submit withdrawal request for the money they earn from completed Orders.

Private Message Page is where Buyers and Freelancers can communicate with each other on certain Orders and clarifications on Services offered by Freelancers.

Reviews/Feedback Page is the page where the Buyer can provide review and feedback on the Orders completed by Freelancers.

Account is the record create by you or by the Scrawll team in case you need support with creating the account. This includes a user name, password, name and some additional information to maintain your identity as a valid user on the Scrawll platform. Please note we do not require you to enter Social Security number, or such government provided IDs. We may request some proof of identity at times to validate your identity but that is not stored as part of your account.

Freelancer is the User who lists one or more Service on the Scrawll platform, that can be provided by the user at a price listed on the Service page. The Freelancer receives the payment for the Service rendered on successful delivery of the Service.

Buyer is the User who places an Order for any Service listed by Freelancer on the Scrawll platform. The Buyer pays for the Service upfront when placing the Order. Buyer can provide feedback and rate the Freelancer after completion and delivery of the Service.

Account Page is the User dashboard where they can List Services, Order Services, communicate with Buyer and Freelancers, and do many other functions to help them effectively use the platform to buy and sell services. To access the Account page a User should be registered with the Scarwll platform and they should be logged in using their user name and password.

Manage Sales Page is the page where a Freelancer can manage their Orders from Buyers, and communicate with Buyers regarding the Order.

User – both Buyers, Freelancers and unregistered users who browse the site are be collectively termed as Users.

Scrawll Team is the management, employees and sub contractors that support the Operations of Scrawll platform. They may be providing services like Customer Support, IT Support, SEO, Social Media marketing, Internet marketing, Sales and Accounting. While the roles that will normally interact communicate with users of the site would be Management or Customer Support team.

Order is a acceptance of the Service listed by a Freelancer after successful payment by the Buyer using the “Purchase Now” button on teh Service listing page.

Service The service, product or artifacts which the Freelancer creates, modifies, combines using skills and expertise and offers on Scrawll at a purchase price are hereinafter collectively referred to as “Service”

Service page is the page which provides the details about a Service being offered by a Freelancer, a Freelancer could list more than one Service offerings.