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Getting Started

How Does Scrawll work?

Scrawll is a modern, user friendly marketplace to buy and sell services. These could range from digital products and services to virtual assistant or tutoring.

Services start from $5 and in multiples of 5, you can also offer a service package with additional services for incremental pricing.

How do I sign-up?

It is free to sign-up on Scrawll is FREE for Sellers, click here to signup. Once you enter your preferred username and e-mail and click the “Register” button we will email you a password. Please check your email and enter the password to login to scrawll.com

While registering you need to respond to the Captcha, by checking the box where it says “I am not a robot” and read the “terms and conditions” and check the box before clicking the register button.

How do I sell a service on Scrawll?

To sell a service on Scrawll, you need to first register on the site. You can then post any number of services on the site for FREE. You can also include additional offering on your service for incremental fee. You can feature your service by paying a fee of $5, and make your job more prominent and visible to buyers.

The Buyer will pay Scrawll in advance to buy any of the services, and once the service or product is delivered by Seller as per the terms stated in the service, the Seller’s account will be credited with the proceeds.  Please read our Terms and Conditions to understand what a successful delivery of service or product should be. For every successful sale of service the Seller is charged a 15% fee by Scrawll.


What kind of payment methods does Scrawll use?

Scrawll currently uses Paypal, and Payza for payments. We will be enabling Skrill (previously Money Booker) soon, we will keep you posted. So if you have Paypal or Payza account, you can enter the account email when submitting withdrawal request and we will credit your balance to the specified account.

When do I get paid, and will I be charged by Scrawll?

You can submit a payment request if you have $10 or more balance in your account.

No, Scrawll does not charge you to transfer the balance to your account, but you need to review the terms of service and fees with the specific service you  will be using to understand the fees which Paypal or Payza etc may charge you to receive funds into your account.

Can I rate the buyer


What Payment Types do you have to Pay Buyers
Currently we have Paypal, and Payza enabled on the platform to pay the Buyers once they have successfully delivered the service.
When do I get paid
Normally payments will be received within 3-5 business days after submission of your request
Can I rate the buyer
Yes, to build a healthy thriving community it is important to rate the people using the community.
Do you verify the Sellers
No, we do not verify the sellers, and hence the engagement is purely between the seller and the buyer. But as you start doing business and provide feedback and receive feedback the trust based model will build confidence. And Yes, we will intervene if a buyer reports on any services not delivered by the seller as advertised. Scrawll will help mediate and make final decisions in case of any disputes
How do you advertise the jobs
We use Social media, Google and other means to promote the listed services
Why should I use Scrawll
With some of the other similar sites increasing their commision rates, we offer the most competitive rates so most of the money comes to you. And other such sites are so crowded that a new seller would hardly get noticed. And for buyers you may not get the best sellers.