5 Undiscovered Website Ideas to Steal to become Rich

Today, several community-based websites, as well as apps have become viral. Several beginners are able to make lots and lots of money by implementing simplest ideas that could link people. Do you aspire to become one among them?

Well, continue reading this article to steal five of the undiscovered website ideas today to become rich tomorrow …

  1. Online Debate Websites:

You are well aware that arguments would ignite the flame in any public forum or hangout. Utilize this fact and make lots of money as the debates are usually uncontrollable and inconclusive. Try creating an online debate website that is perfectly managed and properly moderated.

For making this idea a success, you must suggest a topic for debate, then, choose your side in the argument, then, build it slowly and motivate the viewpoints of other participants.

Do you wonder why this has been placed as #1? It’s because every one of us loves to express our opinions. Hence, this idea would pay-off if rightly implemented! The source of income, in this case, would be from affiliate sales and advertising.

  1. Auction Websites:

Every one of us has started loving online auction websites now. Although all the auction sites are doing great, only a few are giving us the feel of being in a real auctioning room. I would suggest you come up with one such live auction site that would make the listing as well as bidding simpler.

This would definitely work because the sellers of the present day are finding it more and more complicated to list their products online to make a sale. A live auction website would solve this difficulty and you could make money by charging commission from fruitful sales.

In this idea, you must be cautious about the quality of products you are offering to the customers.

  1. Skill Trading Websites:

This would have your website as the meeting place for swapping your skills. Rather than giving out money for services, you will be simply swapping your own skills here. This would definitely work as there are hundreds and hundreds of skilled professionals out there and this skill trading website would connect them productively. You could make money from a website like this by charging a monthly fee from the users.

  1. Public Billboard Websites:

Designing your website as a hub of public billboards would be a great idea to make money. Here is how it works – this should be a place where the user would register, upload his/her advert and could view the live feed of his/her ad displayed in public places.

Here, you could make money by simply charging a flat fee, as well as some recurring costs for placing the ads.

  1. Website Sales Websites:

In this idea, your website would be a place for buying and selling websites. I would suggest you design your website in a way that the user could list his/her website for sales at flat rates or for auctions. By including the following simple things, you could make more money from these websites:

  • Screenshots
  • Traffic
  • Page ranks
  • Earnings

You could take commissions from the fruitful sales as well.