Become a Successful Seller on Scrawll by following these Simple Steps

New to Scrawll? Looking to succeed as a Scrawll seller? No worries. I have come up with few simple steps for setting up your Scrawll account perfectly. Follow these and become a successful Scrawll seller today:

Make your Gig Title Short and Crisp:

Rather than longer titles, the short and crisp Gig titles are seemed to be performing well on all the micro job websites like Scrawll. Yes, I understand that it’s really hard to showcase the worth of your Gig in a short title. Therefore, I would recommend you to experiment with two or more variations of the same title to know which one is generating more response from the clients. To make this job easier, you can make use of ‘Google Keyword Planner’ to see which words are searched more often.

Only Title should not Short, Not Description:

Yes, the Gig description is the place where you could inform your clients about why they should select you for their business. Hence, the key area where you should concentrate is your description. One way to know that your description is not good is when you are getting too many questions from the customers asking for clarifications or more details. The Gig description can have 100 to 500 characters on Scrawll. So, make it more concise and meaningful.

Videos and Images will add value to your Gig:

A recent report about the selling ratio on micro job websites stated that the video description in a Gig is having 220% more chances of getting sold when compared to the Gigs that don’t have a video. Keep this mind while posting your Gig and do your best to add a video description on your Gig.

You don’t have a video while setting up a Gig? No problem, you have six image slots in Scrawll where you can add high-resolution pictures to describe what you are offering. Take advantage of this feature!

The more you Offer the more is your Chance to Succeed!

Extras are what make your Gig interesting. The more you are ready to offer the more is your reach among the buyers and everything with an additional income for you. Remember that, you can modify these extras, as well as your costs for the extras at any time. Therefore, you can experiment with various offers to see which works better.

Instruct your Buyers to Leave Feedback:

It’s to be noted that the clients won’t leave feedback unless it’s requested. Therefore, make use of the ‘instructions to buyers’ feature in Scrawll asking your clients to leave a good feedback if they find your Gig valuable. Also, add a postscript in all your delivery templates requesting the feedback from your clients. A positive feedback from your clients will take other clients to you. Hence, this is very critical!

Money Back Guarantee is a Good Way to Attract:

Almost all the buyers of today are expecting a guarantee for the money spent. This applies to your Gig buyer as well. Including 100% money back guarantee in your Gigs and inform that their money will be returned if your work has not satisfied the buyer will help you getting more clients. By doing this, you are showing that you are highly confident about the quality of work you do when at the same time you are making your buyers believe that you are valuing the money of your buyers.

Finally, I would like to inform you that, finding your first buyers could be hard for you if you don’t have a portfolio or feedback! Therefore, take the necessary steps to make the buyers buy your first Gig and then carry on from there.