Become Quality Buyers and Sellers by Reading these Guidelines

No matter whether you are a buyer or a seller on Scrawll, quality counts for all! Each and every one who comes to Scrawll aims for improving his/her business either a receiver or a giver. But, without quality, you can’t achieve this goal! Keeping this in mind, I am providing the quality guidelines for both the buyers and the sellers here. These would benefit all the businesses that are done on Scrawll and hence, you need not worry about the results. If you are able to follow these quality guidelines while doing a business on Scrawll, you are sure to reap the benefits. Come on, continue reading…

Quality Guidelines for the Buyers:

Approaching a Gig:

Whenever you’re opening a gig, be sure to read and understand the gig. In this, the gig description is very important as this is the place where the seller would have entered all the information about the service he/she is ready to give. If you find any Gig that is not clear, you are encouraged to contact the seller and get the doubts clarified well before ordering for the service. This extra step would help you to avoid any misunderstanding or dispute in the future.

Contacting a Seller:

When you are about a seller, remember that the seller would get a lot of messages from the buyers and they are more likely to reply to the polite requests although every seller will not respond in the same way.

Taking Advantage of the Offers:

Almost all the freelancers of today are offering free revisions. As a buyer, I would advise you to take advantage of this offer while ordering the gig and receive what exactly you need from the seller. However, remember that the work should be within the scope of the original gig description.

Leaving Reviews:

As a buyer, you are given the privilege of reviewing the work done by the seller. Make wise use of this privilege and leave a feedback after the completion of your order. This would help other buyers like you in making a buying decision in the future when at the same time improving the seller’s profile.

Paying your Freelancers:

The buyers are requested to keep the transactions on the Scrawll platform in order to prevent any abusive behavior against you.

Quality Guidelines for the Sellers:

Showcasing you accurately:

Your presence on Scrawll should be able to accurately reflect what you are capable of delivering. Right from your profile to the gig, everything must be crystal clear. Be sure to include your experience, examples, and expertise in your profile. While doing so, remember not to have any false information anywhere on Scrawll. I would say your credibility is completely depending on the transparency of your profile.

Communicating Properly with Buyers:

If you need to be successful in getting your gigs sold or getting the gigs completed, you must be able to communicate with your buyers with due respect. While communicating with your buyer, try to understand his/her needs and try to fulfill them. You can be more successful in freelancing if you have repeat customers for you!

Addressing Questions and Revisions:

Throughout your business with your buyer, you need to be communicative and be ready to answer any questions or concerns raised by him/her. Also, if your buyer is asking for any revisions, take it up as a challenge and do it just like the actual part of the delivery process.

Taking Feedback Sportive:

If you have delivered what your buyer actually wanted, you are sure to receive a good feedback. Keep it up from there on. But, at sometimes, you may not be able to fulfill the buyer’s expectation in which case you would receive a negative feedback. Don’t feel offended by such feedback rather learn from it and improve yourself.