Best Time-Saving Applications for Freelancers

Today, the internet is stuffed with applications for various purposes. When there are resources, it’s good to utilize for the benefit of us. It applies to freelancing business as well. But, with lots and lots of applications, you will be tired of searching the best application for your business. Yes, you would need a guide in this aspect. You cannot over-employ your desktop or mobile with apps as it would take lots of time and internet for nothing. Here is the list of best time-saving applications for freelancers. Continue reading to know them:


When we have thousands of apps on the market, why I have placed ‘cushion’ at the first place is because of its feature – ‘the schedule’. This is very simple and easy-to-use when at the same time being visually unique. With this app, you can zoom out your workload for one full year. Also, you can note your hourly contracts with various clients and can track the delays in turn-around-time and payments. As you might be aware, these are the most time-consuming and head-breaking tasks in freelancing which can be done easily with this app.


I would say this is the best-ever app for tracking your hours worked with just one click. With this app, working with several clients at a time will not be a problem. Furthermore, with Toggl, you have the option of tracking your time offline too. Once you have done with your work, you can send pie charts to your clients with productivity and billable hours’ breakdown. The basic version of Toggl is free and I would say this would be more than sufficient for you.


This is nothing but a ‘Pinterest’ for your freelancing business. This will be the pinup board for your freelancing and will be more beneficial for you to collaborate with others! The most surprising thing about Trello is that this would adapt based on your projects, teams, workflow, and so on. Moreover, you can upload your documents from the popular cloud sources. Again, this app is also free to sign up and therefore, signing up and syncing with your Toggl will help you in letting your clients how much hard work you are putting in their projects.


As a freelancer working alone, there are chances for missing out some important documents you have received or sent through e-mails. Yes, it’s very hard for a freelancer to keeping track of the documents given the overflow of unimportant e-mails like promotions, advertisements, and so on. With thousands of e-mails and documents, you may also put in wrong folders at times. Searching and retrieving these important documents at a later point of time will be head-breaking, as well as time-consuming. Eliminate all these headaches by using Duffel to download your e-mails. This handy and free app will perform the most difficult task in freelancing on your behalf.


Getting paid after the work is done is an important part of every freelance business. Whenever you want to get paid from your clients, make use of this app which would enable you to generate invoices, maintain the receipts of deductibles, keep the books, and so on. This can be used by both the freelancers and the small business owners for making the accounting part in your business easier. Although this is not free, I would say this is worth paying. However, check whether it fits your budget and freelance investments before getting started with this tool. Not everyone can afford to pay for apps at the initial stages of a freelance career but once you started earning, you will see that this app is more helpful!