Create an Outstanding Gig Video by Following these Tips

Making money through micro job sites will not be satisfying for some freelancers as they don’t have a chance to showcase their distinctive skills. When you work with a person face-to-face, you have the chance of building trust through various actions like speaking, smiling, gestures, decision-making and so on. But here, you are not visible to your clients and they can’t understand what you are very easily.

In order to sort this issue, Scrawll has come up with the option of adding a video in your Gigs with an aim of enabling the freelancers to personalize their Gigs in the way they want. A report says that a Gig with a video has over 200% more chance of getting sold when compared to the ordinary gigs.

For which services you should use a video in your Gigs?

I would say, you must use a video for all your gigs no matter whether you are offering an audio, writing, video, marketing, or any other service. This is because; a video could help you connect with the buyers more easily and showcase your work and skills to them thus providing the opportunity to convert the visitors into buyers.

Now, you might be thinking that you need to be a professional videographer to come up with a good video for your gig. But, it’s not so. You need not be a professional to create a good video that could speak. Rather your mobile camera will do! Following are some of the best tips to create an outstanding gig video. Read on….

Tip 1: Make sure you are Recording in highest resolution

Most of the present-day cameras and mobiles will allow you select the resolution. Make use of this option to select the highest resolution possible. You might also use a webcam for shooting a video but if you check your smartphone, you can find that it can film at a higher resolution than your webcam. Therefore, using a camera or mobile camera will be the best way to record your gig video. Also remember to keep your phone horizontal while recording your gig video.

Tip 2: Natural light is always preferable

Yes, good light settings are necessary for coming up with a good video. But, I would advise you to make use of natural light instead of shooting in a brightly-lit room. Keep it as natural as possible by opening the curtains and letting the light in. If you are filming outdoors, try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Remember that, to make a good video, you must maintain a balanced light as you will be washed out and become unclear with too much of light. Also, it would become dark and blurry if the light is too low.

Tip 3: Maintaining the camera steady is important

The problem of using a handheld camera or a mobile camera for shooting video is the chance of getting shaken. You must try to avoid this by maintaining it as still as possible all through the filming process. I would recommend you to get help from someone when you are shooting the video as this will avoid the shaking when you are speaking out. Otherwise, you can set your camera on a stand or on a flat surface in order to tackle this problem.

Tip 4: Keep your surroundings and background clear

With the gig video, you are aiming to get the visitors to buy your gigs. In order to achieve in this, you must make sure that you are eliminating all the possible distractions around you thus bringing all the attention towards you. There should not be any additional sounds for your microphone to grab as it will give a bad impact to your voice on the video.