Deep Insights on Micro Job Websites

I have already written a post about Micro Job Sites under the title ‘Can’t Secure a Job? Earn Money through Micro Job Sites’. In that post, I briefly mentioned about why you should be trying micro job sites like Scrawll and how to kick start with the same. I hope that post would have been useful for many of you and I thought of continuing the topic here. Here, let’s have a closer look at the micro job websites and understand why you should with these websites today. Come on, read it…

Defining Micro Jobs:

Micro jobs are the ones that are mostly completed on the internet thereby getting paid by the micro job buyers. These are also called by the following names:

  • Micro freelance jobs
  • Small online jobs
  • Micro tasks
  • Online small gigs

Here, the seller is a freelancer who is his/her own boss and free to work for the buyer. And, he/she can work on one or more projects at a time depending on his/her project management skills and work availability.

A micro job is more or less similar to the standard freelance jobs but the methods of working and regulations change a little here. The major difference between the standard freelance jobs and micro freelance jobs will be the job price range. As the name suggests, the job price will be small and it would range between $0.10 and $500 for a project.

However, micro jobs are preferred by the younger generation today because of the part time – you can make money with anything. You get money for even doing the following simple tasks:

  • Sending tweets
  • Writing forum posts
  • Developing a plug-in
  • Keyword research

These are all the simple tasks, right? You can make money by using your leisure times wisely here. Moreover, in micro job websites, there is no discrimination between a professional and a beginner. If you have the required skill, you can go heights from here!

Process of Earning Money through Micro Job Sites Explained:

The process of earning money through micro job sites like Scrawll is as simple as the following steps:

  • Sign up for an authorized micro job website
  • Update your profile with the skills and portfolio
  • Create a gig that matches your skills
  • Publish the gig to reach the buyers
  • Once the buyer buys your gig, perform the job
  • Set the micro job as complete
  • Once the buyer approves the work, get paid

What are the Advantages of using Micro Job Websites?

When you can get a project from a client from anywhere else, why you want to use a micro job website? It’s because micro job websites are acting as a global marketplace and help you add some comfort, as well as security in your micro job career. With these websites, you will get a buyer to come to your doorstep and avail your services with less effort. These websites would list the skilled freelancers thereby taking your skills to the buyers and make them believe in your skills. What buyers do at these sites is just browsing the categories to find out the right worker for them. Also here, you are not going to search for jobs as employers would reach you.

If you do any freelance job outside the freelance websites, you are not secured for the payment. But, the micro job sites are saving you from these issues. Here, you will not deal with your employers alone. As an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, the micro job site will secure the payment process. More importantly, the buyer will have to fund the job even before you start your job thus you can be certain that your payment is ready and start working happily!