Here are the Best Tech Tools for Freelance Success – Part 1

According to a recent report, more than 54 million in the U.S. are working as freelancers in a wide variety of fields like writing, web designing, graphic designing, accounting, consulting, and so on. These numbers make the freelance community an important workforce in the country. But, not all freelancers are successful today. There may be a number of reasons for this but an important reason is the usage of freelance tools. Being a freelancer, I would say each and every business, especially in freelancing, would require the appropriate tools to carry out the tasks. No matter whether you are a full-time or a part-time freelancer, you would require some tech tools to be successful in this field. Here are the best tech tools for freelance success for your reference. Know them, use them, and kiss your success right away…

Google Drive:

This is an important tool to keep track of your freelance documents. When you are working on multiple projects at the same time, it’s easy for you to lose track of the files. In order to help you out in this situation, Google has an excellent product called ‘Google Drive’ where you will be able to easily maintain all the documents in a more comprehensive way. Not only maintenance but also you have the options to share your documents with the other Gmail users (say your clients). And, more importantly, you can easily export your documents into any desired format. Moreover, it’s free to access!


To stay organized is an important factor to succeed as a freelancer. To help you to stay organized as a freelancer, there is a wonderful tool called ‘Wunderlist’, which is an intuitive to-do list application. You have the feasibility of using this app both in desktop PC, as well as on your mobile. With this application, you can organize your to-dos by projects or by clients. In addition, you can also add notes and files to each of the items in your list. With this app, you can also set your deadlines, reminders, and auto data syncing.


This project management tool would put an end to your sticky notes and calendars. With this single tool, you could track your ideas, to-dos, and completed tasks. Where will you maintain all these? Well, in Trello, you can keep track of everything in a virtual whiteboard that is more similar to your Pinterest. Here, each of your items will be created as a card that can be dragged and dropped across various categories. This way you would feel it easier to keep track of all your freelance projects. This again is free to use!

Rescue Time:

Whenever you are working on an hourly project, you will find it difficult to keep track of the hours you worked. In order to help you with this, ‘Rescue Time’ would work in the background of your PC or mobile and would track the hours you spend on websites and on your desk. This way, you find it easy whenever you create invoices for your client to pay you. This tool is free to use for this basic feature of tracking time. But, you can also create daily accomplishment logs with this tool with just $9 in a month. Why I am mentioning about the paid plan here is because the paid membership would block the distracting websites due to which you can work more efficiently.

Thus, your freelancing business can be prosperous by utilizing these readily available tech tools. Keep watching for the best tech tools for freelance success – Part 2 to know more about the tech tools that are available for you to accomplish your freelance journey.