Leveraging different Video Styles for your Business

Today, videos are playing an important role in every role in our businesses. Whenever a company is drawing a marketing plan, videos are there in it. But, the problem is converting the theory into practice. The actual problem arises when we have to decide on the type of video to be used for our business. Put an end to this problem by knowing the different styles of videos and where to use what. Upon knowing the types, leverage them to enhance your business. Come on, wait no more. Continue reading…

Three Most Popular Video Styles:

When it comes to business and marketing, three video styles are found to be more popular when compared to the others. The following are the three most popular styles of videos in use:

  • Whiteboard animation videos
  • 2-D animation videos
  • Text animation videos

Whiteboard Animation Videos:

Whiteboard animation videos are similar to our classroom whiteboards that are blank and can be filled with various things like formulations, equations, and so on. From these types of videos, the viewers would watch a set of static images being drawn on a white screen. Although these images are generated by the computer, it would look like being drawn by the hands thus giving a friendly experience. This way, the whiteboard animation videos are promising to grab the attention of the viewers.

According to some research studies, it has been found that these videos are having a 75% audience retention rate for the videos that are running for about two minutes. As it would be more entertaining for the people to observing the animations being drawn, the viewers would surely come for more. An important advantage of using whiteboard animation videos for our business is that they have a strong potential to set us apart from our competitors.

One thing to be kept in mind is that you should not rely on stock images but you should create unique animations tailored for your audience each time. This is the success tip for those people who want to make use of these videos. These videos will be the best option if you are selling is ‘less dynamic’.

2-D Animation Videos:

If you want to tell a more compelling with more characters in place, then go for 2-animation videos. These are becoming more and more popular these days as they make use of storytelling strategy to demonstrate why your business is the best. The 2-D animation videos will be a great way to popularize your brand among the people and these will be more fruitful if you can make use of appealing characters with which the viewers can engage well. The success of the 2-D animation videos will be decided by the narrative you use. If you can create a good narrative, it’s sure that viewers are going to watch the video till the end. So, where these videos can be used? If you are having a more exciting product and when you want to tell a more compelling story, these videos are the right fit!

Text Animation Videos:

These are the moveable type videos in which uses words would spin, fly, stop, appear and disappear, change sizes, color, and so on. In technical terms, these types of videos are called as ‘Kinetic Typography’. Like 2-D animation videos, these could also grab the attention of the audience as they would feel curious to read what’s there in it. These are found to be a perfect way to make your customers associate your business with certain keywords. These are especially useful when you don’t have visuals to link to your business!