What makes a Good Profile on Freelancing Websites?

As a freelancer, you must understand that hiring a freelancer for a micro job is not at all an easy job for a buyer. When they perform a search in a micro job website for their requirements, they are happened to see several numbers of gigs as the search result. This creates a major problem among the buyers on deciding which freelancer is best suited for a particular task. Do you think that a buyer will buy a Gig whose profile is incomplete or is not nice? Well, the answer is an absolute ‘no’. With lots and lots of competition in the micro job websites, it’s important to have a good profile in order for your gig to be sold.

So, what makes a good profile on freelancing websites like? Read on….

Why a Completed Profile Wins?

If you are on a freelancing website without a completed profile, it’s more or less similar to attending a job interview without your experience details in the job application. It won’t work, right? If you’re attending an interview with your experience details, there will be something to show the interviewer thereby grabbing the interviewer’s attention. It applies to the freelancer profile as well. Therefore, your profile needs to be completed before applying for a job or to be on the freelancing market.

Three Basic Things to have in your Profile:

I would say, you are more likely to be picked by the buyer if you have the following three basic things in your profile:

  • A professional photo
  • A compelling summary
  • An outstanding portfolio

Tips for uploading a Professional Photo:

The term ‘professional’ means that you are considering several aspects that could affect your image while uploading to your freelancer profile. The important things to be considered are:

  • Lighting: Avoid fluorescent lighting, darker images, and lighter images
  • Position: Face front and someone else should capture your image
  • Clothes: Professional clothes are preferred with no sunglasses or hat
  • Quality: No blurry, grainy, and glared images

Apart from these, you must remember that the photo should not be captured by holding the camera too high or too low. Also, you must remember that you would not get a good quality image without a good camera. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to get an expensive camera. You can take good quality images by using a decent camera itself. Most important of all is that the picture you upload should be yours.

Finally, after taking your pictures, it’s always good to compare your pictures with a professional image as this will help you a lot in deciding what picture is good to upload.

Tips for making a Compelling Summary:

Remember that, a buyer will go through your summary by scanning keywords. You can stand out in the crowd only by mentioning how you can work differently and how you would be the best fit for the buyer’s project. In order to showcase your skills, you would need your achievements, core competencies, and experience listed in your summary. Remember that, in micro job websites like Scrawll, experience doesn’t have to a paid one!

Tips for uploading an Outstanding Portfolio:

The portfolio is critical for your freelancer portfolio since it is going to reveal your work style to your buyers. Also, your portfolio would set the expectations among your buyers. Remember that the portfolio must be your real work and it must be something you should be proud of!

Finally, you must test your profile with different profile images and summaries. This would tell you how effective your profile is and whether you need to change things in your profile.