Why should you Learn how to Code?

Yes, it’s true that each and every one of us is interested in gaining more and more knowledge in programming. But, I would say coding is something special! You know why? Read the complete article to know why you need to invest your time, as well as your energy in learning how to code. I hope that the following reasons would convince you:

Create your Own Website:

When you are about to start a business, you would definitely need a website for attracting more clients, as well as investors. A website is a place where they could learn quickly about you. But, building a complex website would cost you thousands of dollars when you hire a professional designer to build it for you. But instead, if you know how to do a little coding, you will be able to build a good website by using some content management systems like WordPress. This is going to cost you nothing!

Earn more but Work Less:

Even the less experienced web developers out there are easily charging more than $100 per hour for their freelance or contract works today. For the experienced developers, there is literally no limit for hourly rates. Therefore, you would have fair chances to earn more money by working just a few hours in a week if you know coding. This way, you would have more leisure time to spare when compared to your fellow people in other jobs.

You will have Great Demand:

Today, almost 90% of the world’s million dollar businesses and their transactions, as well as telecommunications are occurring through complex technologies. Hence, people who know how to code are required to perform various jobs like:

  • Security
  • Program development
  • Server creation
  • Web designing

And, it has been estimated by the analysts that the number of jobs in software development would grow two times faster than any other job within this decade. More importantly, Fortune 500 companies are seeking for the best coders on the globe to work for them!

You will learn to think differently:

I would say coding would give your thought process a new dimension. Coding knowledge would teach you how to solve problems and utilize logics in a completely different way. This is because the coding would require implementation, as well as analysis for making your program to work thereby being fruitful in the longer run. I could say that studying how to code would broaden your creativity. This knowledge would help you in creating various useful products and/or services like:

  • Websites
  • Smartphone apps
  • Social media platforms

You can earn even if it’s not your Main Job:

Not willing to become a full-time developer? Well, no issues at all. You can still earn a lot of money even by doing this in your leisure hours or as part-time. This way, you could gain experience when at the same time growing at your own pace. Eventually, this would prepare you to for your full-time job if you would want to do this in the future.

These reasons were convincing to you, right?