Withstanding the Changing Freelance Landscape

If we just scroll back our pages to a decade before, we could understand that the clients were hesitant to outsource their vital tasks to the person they never met in person. But now, the situation is completely different. Almost all the people are aware of freelancing and the clients have already started thinking that outsourcing their tasks to freelancers is beneficial for them. The online environment is rapidly changing and it’s becoming more and more professional.

On the other hand, millions and millions of workers are entering the freelance community to earn their living here. With all these changes in place, how are you going to withstand as a freelancer? Yes, it’s going to be tough! But, it’s not impossible. By following the simple steps that are given below, you can withstand the changing freelance landscape quite easily…

View from a Client’s Perspective:

First, you must think about your clients. Get to know who he/she is. Your client can be a small business owner, startup, or an entrepreneur. Now, think about the pressures and challenges that will be faced by your clients depending on their job/role. For better understanding your client, I would advise you to get to know their industry. Then, use this gained knowledge while engaging with your clients. Viewing from your client’s perspective will solve most of the issues faced by a freelancer along their freelance journey.

Make your First Impression the Best:

Yes, in a freelancing business, you are bound to meet new clients for each project and here, each of your clients is completely different from one another. And hence, the expectations of each of your client are also different. Therefore, the first impression you make with each of your clients is vital. Not always you would get a chance to talk with your clients before having the contract signed. What you need to do every time is to understand the project completely before signing the contract. Whenever you communicate with your client, be clear and concise with your point and ensure that you are articulating a unique selling point for yourself.

Always Communicate with Clients:

In a freelance business, you will not work with a team or under the supervision of a leader. You are going to work remotely here. And hence, good communication becomes an important factor in order to make sure that you and your clients are doing an effective business. Keeping this mind, you need to make an effort to talk or discuss with your clients and get to know their needs and expectations out of your contract. If possible, give them the expert opinions which I would say the best way to build a long-term relationship with them. If your communication is good, you can expect the repeat projects from your existing clients.

Learn about the Market:

When it comes to pricing in freelancing, you must first learn about the market and get to know about the rates of your fellow freelancers carrying out similar businesses. This would help you in staying competitive in the market. But, you must remember not to go too low with your prices when compared to the market costs. It’s because; almost all the clients in today’s world are looking only for the quality work and not the lowest prices. As a freelancer, you will be looked upon for your reviews, recommendations, and ratings, and when these are great, clients will be willing to pay you with higher rates. All the clients will look for sellers with a great reputation and exceptional quality standards and not the freelancers with lowest rates.

Finally, if you are able to follow all these steps, I am sure that withstanding the ever-changing freelance landscape is not going to be difficult anymore!