Your Questions about Freelancing are Answered!

With the advancements in technology and business, more and more people are entering into freelance businesses. Yes, freelance businesses have the advantage of flexible work models. But, it’s not easy for a beginner to achieve great heights quickly. Freelancing is all about perseverance and passion. You might be one among those who are looking to enter freelancing but at the same time hesitating to do so because you have many unanswered questions in your mind. Well, you are not the only one who has such questions about freelancing. It’s natural for all to have questions like this. Following are the most common questions about freelancing with their answers. Continue reading…

  1. I am new to freelancing. How could I fix my rate? Should I charge less because I am a beginner?

It’s not that a new freelancer should charge less and remember that charging too low would put you in trouble as it could damage your brand and business. At the same time, charging too high could prevent your potential clients to carry out business with you. So, how could you fix the rate? Whenever you are deciding on the fees, you must calculate how much do you need for making your work viable? The, consider your overhead, as well as fixed costs. Now, be genuine to yourself and compare your work with the similar services in today’s market. Now, decide your fees.

  1. What things should be included in my discussion with clients?

As a first step, you need to understand your clients’ requirements. If possible, get your clients’ requirements as a written document and try to understand the scope of the project first. Now, decide how could you complete it? The key things to be considered in the planning phase of a project are:

  • Timescale
  • Quality
  • Objective
  • Price
  • Technical details
  • Purpose
  • Working style
  • Communication method

If you can include all these things in your discussion with clients, then you are sure to make a long-lasting impression with them.

  1. Should the contract be signed before starting out?

The answer to this question is a definite ‘yes’. You can have as many discussions as possible before starting out. But, once you have confirmed your terms, you need to sign a contract before starting your work. I would say the contract need not be too complex. A simple agreement with the details on what is to be done, what is the payment term, how you will be charged, when you will be paid, and when the contract will be completed should be signed. This is not complex, right?

  1. Should I fix an hourly rate or a fixed price?

This is the most common question that arises in the minds of the freelance newcomers. Well, this depends on your project type. Whenever the project is well-defined with clear outcomes and when you think it wouldn’t take any additional time, then I would advise you to go for a fixed rate. On the other hand, if you think it would take some additional hours or if you think your client will send for some corrections, then it’s better to go for hourly rates.

  1. Is there any proven strategy to pitch the first project?

Well, you are a beginner with no strong portfolio and you want to pitch a new client. What you need to do is to put yourself in the minds of the clients and think what you will look in for in a freelancer when you want to hire someone. Go by that. Then, do some market research and check whether your rate is in line with the market price and define how you can work differently when compared to others. These are the things that would help you achieve the first project.