Create a Freelance Profile that Wins

Most of you might have already read the post ‘What makes a Good Profile on Freelancing Websites?’ Do you feel that your profile is not winning even after applying the tips mentioned in that post? Well, read this post to know how to create a freelance profile that wins.

With more and more people entering into freelance businesses, the chance of winning the gigs getting harder and harder. This makes it important for you to have a profile that could stand out among the fellow freelancers. So, what you need to do in order to make your profile a winning one? Look at the tips that are mentioned below:

Effective Headline:

Whenever you are creating a freelance profile, don’t forget to give it a headline. While doing so, the make the headline clear and concise. Also, make sure to limit it to one line and not more than that. I would say an effective headline is the one which has three pieces namely, title, experience, and specialty. These key elements will inform the potential clients your qualification and expertise thereby enabling them to make a positive move towards your gigs.

Professional Photo:

When it comes to the photo, make sure it looks professional as this is the first thing that the clients will notice when they open your profile. I don’t ask you to go to a photo studio for this simple task, but it’s important to capture your picture with a good camera. While capturing your image, make sure you are standing in front of a blank wall. And yes, you should not forget to smile! Your friendly smile will make a good impression and yes, this is the trick for winning the heart and contract from your client!

In case, you are not willing to upload your own photo, make sure you are uploading a photo or avatar that speaks about the service you offer.

Qualification and Experience:

Never miss to include your qualification and experience in your freelance profile. Soon after opening your profile, a client will look at these areas to make sure you are a suitable candidate for his/her contract. I would advise you to have all the below things in your profile in order to get shortlisted:

  • Title
  • Years of Experience
  • Areas of expertise
  • Technical skills
  • Industry expertise

And, make sure these are at the opening of your profile because clients will usually look at several profiles and when they do so, they won’t take much time to read through your entire profile. If you are having these points at the opening itself, they are more likely to notice your qualification and experience and thus, you are more likely to be shortlisted.

Academic Background:

Most of the clients would expect their sellers to have a formal education and training in the field of contract. Therefore, mentioning your academic credentials soon after your qualification and experience section would increase your chances of getting hired. Even if you don’t have a very soon academic background, do your best to match up with the field of focus and add the experience you got in the relevant field.

Contact Information:

We are in a world where we easily get attracted to the people of our locality. This applies to freelancing as well. Most of the clients are seemed attracted towards the local talents and this makes it important to indicate your current location. Also, your clients would want to reach you and hence, mentioning the way they can reach you is important. I would say the more reliable you are the more chances for you to get hired. Just indicating your personal number and e-mail address will do!