How to Stand Out as a New Freelancer?

If you have already decided to start freelancing, I would say it’s a good decision. But, with more and more people choosing to pursue a freelance career, you must make sure that you don’t get lost in the crowd. So, what to do? You need to stand out from the crowd in order to succeed as a freelancer. Wondering how to stand out as a new freelancer? Here are few tips that could help you stand out from your fellow competitors. Wait no more, check all the tips and apply them immediately to get your first freelance contract signed….

Do You Have a Good Profile?

Having a good profile doesn’t mean that you should have a long-time experience in your field but it is necessary that your profile is snappy. In order for your profile to be snappy, you should first upload a good image of yourself in your profile. Secondly, you must describe your skills in an impressive way. You don’t have many years of experience in your work area. Doesn’t matter! Make sure to put your skills in an impressive way. Finally, I would suggest all the new freelancers make a short video presentation and post it along with your gig. Read here to know how to create an outstanding gig video.

Is Your Gig Distinct from Others?

You can make your gig stand out by making it unique. For this, you need to highlight your niche clear so that the buyers would get a clear understanding of what you are capable of. Next thing is to use an appealing tagline in your gig. This would catch the eyes of the buyers immediately after coming to Scrawll and if your niche coincides with their requirements, they would definitely check your gig. Finally, you must inform your clients how you are different from others. Also, please add your location to your profile.

Have You Included Your URL?

Yes, you read it right! You must include your URL in your profile. You don’t have one. Well, I would advise you to create a website on your name. Or at least, you need to have a website with your brand name in it. This is because; it would help your buyers to find you easily by searching on the internet which in turn will build trust on you. By finding you on your website, they could better understand the value of your work by which they would gain confidence over you. While creating a URL, make sure you don’t use your nickname in it.

Have You Proved Your Proficiency?

For any skills you have, you need to make sure you prove the same by taking tests. If you are able to provide the test results along with your Gig, your buyers will better understand what you are capable of and they would feel it easy to take decisions. They are lots and lot of online courses and tests available today. Make sure you take the tests that are relevant for your skills and place it readily in your profile or gig to help clients better understand your value for their work.

Is Your Price Reasonable?

Pricing too high or too low is dangerous! You should set a reasonable price for your service. Most often, the freelancers who are just starting out will set their prices too low. But, this is not a good practice. Only with reasonable rates, you can build working relationships with your buyers which could turn out to be a long-term cooperation. Therefore, make sure your rate is in-line with the level of your experience and originality of your work.