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  • Best Time-Saving Applications for Freelancers

    Best Time-Saving Applications for Freelancers

    Today, the internet is stuffed with applications for various purposes. When there are resources, it’s good to utilize for the benefit of us. It applies to freelancing business as well. But, with lots and lots of applications, you will be tired of searching the best application for your business. Yes, you would need a guide […]

  • 5 Blogs you should be Reading as a Freelancer

    5 Blogs you should be Reading as a Freelancer

    While you are planning to start your career as a freelancer, you would get lots of questions on your mind. It’s natural as you are not managed by anyone else than yourself in freelancing. If you are already a freelancer, you would be aware of the fundamental things but might not know how to cope […]

  • What makes a Good Profile on Freelancing Websites?

    What makes a Good Profile on Freelancing Websites?

    As a freelancer, you must understand that hiring a freelancer for a micro job is not at all an easy job for a buyer. When they perform a search in a micro job website for their requirements, they are happened to see several numbers of gigs as the search result. This creates a major problem […]

  • Create an Outstanding Gig Video by Following these Tips

    Making money through micro job sites will not be satisfying for some freelancers as they don’t have a chance to showcase their distinctive skills. When you work with a person face-to-face, you have the chance of building trust through various actions like speaking, smiling, gestures, decision-making and so on. But here, you are not visible […]

  • Tips to Effectively Manage your Working Relationships Online

    When it comes to freelancing and micro jobs, you are becoming a part of the online working community in which you are required to build working relationships online. And, I would say this is the most difficult part of being an online worker as it demands you to learn how to manage working relationships with […]

  • Become Quality Buyers and Sellers by Reading these Guidelines

    No matter whether you are a buyer or a seller on Scrawll, quality counts for all! Each and every one who comes to Scrawll aims for improving his/her business either a receiver or a giver. But, without quality, you can’t achieve this goal! Keeping this in mind, I am providing the quality guidelines for both […]

  • Deep Insights on Micro Job Websites

    I have already written a post about Micro Job Sites under the title ‘Can’t Secure a Job? Earn Money through Micro Job Sites’. In that post, I briefly mentioned about why you should be trying micro job sites like Scrawll and how to kick start with the same. I hope that post would have been […]

  • Leveraging different Video Styles for your Business

    Today, videos are playing an important role in every role in our businesses. Whenever a company is drawing a marketing plan, videos are there in it. But, the problem is converting the theory into practice. The actual problem arises when we have to decide on the type of video to be used for our business. […]

  • Why is Podcasting required for your Business?

    I would like to start the post by revealing the fact that around 46 million people in the U.S. are listening to podcasts every month. It’s simply because of this reason they could be used for marketing your businesses. Similar to our blog posts, podcasts are also offering the possibility of producing low-cost content pieces […]

  • Become a Successful Seller on Scrawll by following these Simple Steps

    New to Scrawll? Looking to succeed as a Scrawll seller? No worries. I have come up with few simple steps for setting up your Scrawll account perfectly. Follow these and become a successful Scrawll seller today: Make your Gig Title Short and Crisp: Rather than longer titles, the short and crisp Gig titles are seemed […]